The Pro Bono Counseling Network:
Free Counseling Services 

Through our Pro Bono Counseling Network, Mental Health America of the Triangle recruits area therapists to provide free short-term counseling to underinsured or uninsured people in need of services. Up to 8 free sessions are offered - often enough to get a person back on their feet and feeling much better.

We carefully interview potential clients and refer the individual to a “best match” therapist. If an individual is not eligible for the program, we provide referrals so they can find the help they need.

If you are a licensed therapist and would would like to become involved in this vital program, contact us at or 919.942.8083. 

If you need counseling, call 919.942.8083. If this is a mental health or substance abuse emergency, please call 911.

NOTE: Our Pro Bono Counseling service is only available to North Carolina residents who live in Durham, Orange, Person and Chatham counties. If you live outside one of these four counties, you may contact us for a referral resource or visit Mental Health America where you can search for a MHA affiliate near you. 

In addition to the satisfaction of supporting local community members in need - one of the benefits of serving as a Pro Bono Counseling Network volunteer therapist is the opportunity to participate in Continuing Education courses/receive CEUs.

We are grateful to area experts who provide educational opportunities to our Pro Bono Counseling volunteers throughout the year. The content is fresh, the training is relevant, and we are able to offer CEUs for the courses. Thank you some of our past workshop leaders:

  • Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones, Psy-D: Ethical Considerations in Working with Families Facing Separation or Divorce 
  • Kim Jeffs, LPC: Creative Expressions: An Intro to Creative Therapeutic Techniques 
  • Lee Kern, LCSW: Perspectives on Emotional Eating
  • Duke Integrative Medicine: Health Coaching and You - What Is It and How Do I Incorporate It into My Practice? 
  • Beth Hayden, LCSW and Martha Dyer, LCSW: Using Visual and Experiential Exercises to Promote DBT Skills
  • Beth Hayden, LCSW and Michelle Johnson, LCSW: Incorporating Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork into Your Practice to Manage Depression and Anxiety 
  • Mary Grigsby, LCSW: Move Your Energy, Change Your Life: What Mind-Body Tools Offer Our Work, Our Clients, and Ourselves

One of our latest course offerings is a Yoga series!  Please contact Shelly Danser for more information about becoming a PBCN volunteer counselor -

 In 2013...

  • The total available number of therapists grew to nearly 100 - with significant expansion into Durham County.
  • 74 client-patient matches were made - a 57% increase from 2012.
  •  In addition, many referrals to more intensive services or community resources were made.  Providing phone consultation and support is an important part of our daily work.

From a Pro Bono Counseling Network therapist:  "I am so thankful to not only be a part of the program, but also to be able to refer clients who contact me directly and do not have insurance or cannot afford therapy on their own.”                                            

From a Pro Bono Counseling Network client:  “I struggled with my divorce...It was a dark time for me, and you matched me up with an amazing therapist who continued to see me for free after the initial visits.”   

PBCN_award.jpegMHAT's Pro Bono Counseling Network received the "Excellence in Community Programs Award" from the NC Council of Community Partners.

Pictured left to right: Julie Jarrell Bailey (MHAT); Aimee Vandermark (past PBCN program director) and Orange/Person County Community Operations Center employees Debra Farrington and Cim Brailer.